Sunday, August 22, 2021


 Kids who go for an overnight camp can return to their homes with new friends, more confidence and increased appreciation. This helps you in not getting sprains in your ankles, sunburn and any other case. Here are some of the ways in which you can ensure that a child remains safe and healthy.  

•    Be honest with the staff members of the camp

Before you send your kids to camp, you should ensure that you give a complete health history of your child to the medical staff of the camp. This ensures that your kid will get the best accommodation according to his or her physical health at camp. 

•    Vaccinate your kid regularly

Many camps need proof of immunization. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that children should be fully immunized before going to any camp.

•    Don’t allow your kids to go if they are sick

About 7 % illness occurs in people even before reaching camp. You should not allow your kid to go for camp because it can get spread also. Some camps can even send your kid back if they find them to be ill. 

•    Pack your kids clothes properly

According to a report by the Healthy Camp Study, some of the common injuries are strain or sprain in ankles. You should therefore make sure that the shoes that are worn by your child are well fitted and have a rubber sole. Make sure that your kid wears light colored and light weighted clothes.

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