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It is quite bad to see a family member down with a disorder or infection like chicken-pox. The situation is compounded when you remember the time when you had it in your childhood.

The disease usually gets up in young children, and manifests itself in the form of small red spots or blisters on the body accompanied by an itchy rash. It can take as long as 10-21 days before the symptoms of the disease manifest themselves in these forms.

The blisters can be very irritating, and the patient is hardly able to control the urge to scratch them. An infected patient, usually  a child, is through the worst part of it two weeks after catching the infection. There are some home remedies to tackle the symptoms while they  persist.

A solution of half-a-tablespoon of baking-soda and water should be applied to the blisters to ease the itching. Alternatively, you can try taking a bath in a tub of water in which a cup of baking-soda is mixed.

These are  a few ways in which baking soda can be put to use to ease the irritation and itchiness caused by an infection of chickenpox.

Chicken-pox is quite common among young children, but once a child recovers from an attack of chicken-pox, he or she  is not likely to get the infection ever again  in life.

Most adults have been through an infection, so they are not likely to get the infection. Moreover,  a vaccine has been developed to tackle the menace. Get in touch with your physician to get all the details.

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