Sunday, August 22, 2021


 The power of good 3-dimensional vision is one of the features that make mankind have an edge over other living beings. Eyes are the windows of a number of emotions as they change in their looks when one is sad, or when one is happy or even when one is excited.

Contemporary lifestyle puts up many situations and chances which make it very difficult to devote the care and attention they deserve. This is probably why one gets unpleasant experiences such as dark circles, redness, puffiness, etc. in the eyes. You need some essential tips for the proper care of the eyes.

Use some tea-bags to get rid of the dark-circles that come up below the eyes. You only have to hold the tea-bags over your eyes while they are closed. Be careful not to use hot tea-bags just out of the tea-pot. They can harm the eyes.

The miracle is achieved by the caffeine content of the tea-bag. It sucks out the water content of the tissues below the eyes. This is probably why all creams that boast of removing dark circles contain a bit of caffeine. Moreover, the antioxidant content of tea is also going to be helpful in restoring the youth you have lost to the altar of time. The only point of caution in the entire process is to ensure tea doesn't enter the eyes.

Alternatively, follow your mother's example, and use a piece of cucumber. Place it below the eye, and it is sure to lighten the skin. The dark patches below the eyes are sure to become history.

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