Friday, August 20, 2021


 The Paleo diet is becoming a popular concept, but not many people truly understand it. The name corresponds to the Paleolithic age, which was the Stone Age about 2.5 million years ago, well before the agricultural revolution.

The Paleo diet is basically fresh food, no processing of any sort. The diet mimics the food that our hunter-gatherer ancestors used. The only requirement for modern day is to encourage people to eat only organically grown food, free-range chicken, and grass-fed beef. These organic foods are far superior to the other foods that are either grown or manufactured by factories.

Our ancestors did not consume cereals or

dairy products because they hadn’t domesticated animals yet. Refined sugar, processed oils, processed foods, and dairy products are off limits for a Paleo diet. If it is not possible to eliminate these foods, then you must severely reduce the consumption.

Foods like donuts, cookies, and pizza are made from processed ingredients. Unbelievably, Americans and Europeans get about 70% of their daily requirement from such foods.

The focus is on real, fresh food such as fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, nuts and seeds, seafood, fish, grass-fed meat. This is really the foundation of the Paleo diet.

The biology of humans is more or less the same as humans hundred years ago, except changes in food consumption and activity patterns. The concept of the Paleo diet will become more refined over the next few years as there will be more studies done, but the basic concept will remain the same.

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