Friday, August 20, 2021


 Stroke is a condition that affects the arteries located in the brain. It takes place when the brain fails to have enough oxygen, which causes the cells to die. Anyone can suffer from stroke, no matter the gender or age. In America, around 800,000 individuals suffer from this condition per year and 130,000 die every year.

The symptoms of stroke include garbled speech and weakness in one arm. One side of the face may also drop, preventing the person from smiling or moving his mouth and eye. Other symptoms are dizziness, confusion, difficulty in swallowing, loss of consciousness, blurred vision, or complete paralysis.

Stroke can be prevented by monitoring

blood pressure. It has to be maintained at 120/80. This can be achieved by limiting salt intake and adding more fruits and vegetables in daily meals. Losing weight is also very important to be protected from stroke. One has to consume no more than 2,000 calories per day. Regular exercise is also advised. Walking instead of driving and climbing stairs instead of using the elevator are simple ways to be engaged in physical exercise.

 Stroke can be treated with medication, surgery or through thrombolysis. It is important to identify the type of stroke first before it is treated. Patients can also opt for home treatment as per the doctor's advice. This may include using a cane or walker, managing problems with the eyes, and managing the diet.

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