Monday, August 23, 2021

Addicted to coffee? Here is how you could be unknowingly sabotaging your system.

It can interfere with the absorption of iron

Drinking too much coffee can interfere with the way your kidney and stomach absorb iron, magnesium and other essential minerals from the food you consume.  Deficiency of magnesium can affect your bowel movements and a poor absorption of this element can make things worse for your stomach.

It can give you a long term stench breath

For those of you who have never realized, coffee has a dehydration effect and may even cause a dry mouth.  As a result, the mucosal cells, which live for around 3 days before they get washed away when they die, could not get flushed out on time, which leaves you with a stinky smell. The more coffee you drink, the more the cells hang around and decay.

 It may interfere with the absorption of food

Although a cupper first thing in the morning is known to stimulate contractions in the bowels to push out the waste quickly, it can also cause the food in your stomach to pass through the small intestines without allowing enough time for the

nutrients to get absorbed.

Coffee on an empty stomach may lead to bloating and pain

Apart from stimulating contractions, intake of coffee on an empty stomach first thing in the morning can enhance the release of digestive juices, such as hydrochloric acid production (HCL), even when there isn’t enough food to be digested. Besides, the gastric acids can then further irritate the lining of your intestine, causing bloating and stomach pain.


Coffee can contribute to an expanding waistline

If you don't want to expand your waistline or are looking forward to reducing some pounds, instead of preparing your coffee with whole milk, go for black coffee as it can save up to at least 160 calories.


Many factors and repercussions can be associated with painkiller addiction. But, a fact that remains common throughout is that no one decides or chooses to become addicted to prescription painkillers. There was never a person who popped an OxyContin and then decided to spend the rest of his life in isolation.


However, in many developed countries like the USA, while illegal street drug abuse is declining, the abuse of prescription painkillers is rising.


It is for the same reason that like any other commonly abused drug, opiate narcotics or prescription painkillers have the ability to stimulate areas of the brain that are linked with releasing pleasurable feelings.

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