Sunday, August 22, 2021



Diabetes is a disorder wherein the body's capacity to produce insulin is pushed down because of hormonal deficiency or the reason may be because of an underlying disease or disorder. Diabetes is sometimes found in case one takes to a rich diet and doesn't partake in regular exercise.

Those suffering from diabetes are supposed to stick to some medications prescribed by the physician. The point of contention remains the issue of the sugar molecules being burnt in the body in the absence of natural insulin.

In the normal course, insulin is produced by the pancreas to aid in digestion and absorption of sugar molecules. When the pancreas cannot produce insulin,   or the insulin cannot act upon the sugar molecules, sugar cannot be absorbed by the body. 

Modern science has come up with many ways in which there could be a normal production of insulin by the pancreas or the absorption of sugar is facilitated. 

But there are always natural ways to tackle the problem. This way, you can be sure of a comprehensive treatment without any chances of the disorder recurring or any visible side-effects. 

Chewing fig-leaves while the stomach is empty is an efficient way to tackle diabetes. Alternatively, boil some water and add some fig leaves to it. Drink the mixture like tea, and your problem is sure to be resolved in a few days.

Half a spoon of cinnamon powder consumed everyday can have some remarkable effects on your diabetes. Chewing of cinnamon is also likely to produce similar results.

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