Sunday, August 22, 2021


 A shoe-bite is a horror you have always wanted to avoid. A shoe bite can be quite uncomfortable. Try out some simple recipes for relief from the discomfort.

Think of using some raw organic honey for some relief from a shoe-bite. It is going to speed up the healing process of your feet. Using honey is going to make sure the bruise doesn't spread over a large area. It will pull down the inflammation.

To begin with, prepare a mixture of organic honey and some sesame oil in a bowl. Dip your fingers into the mixture and apply it over the area that is hurt. Let it dry before using warm water to rinse it. Do this at least two times a day till you get positive results.

The problem of cracked heels can be tackled by using some honey. A regular application of honey to the area of the foot affected by the shoe thrice a day is going to help you a lot.

Alternatively, you can try out applying some coconut-oil to your feet before putting on the shoes. Coconut has anti-inflammatory properties that can be tapped effectively in healing a shoe-bite.

A completely developed coconut-tree leaf should be burnt to ashes. The ashes ought to be mixed with ample amounts of


The paste thus obtained should be applied over the cracked part of the foot. Keep on doing this for two or three days till you get a smooth and healed foot.

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