Sunday, August 22, 2021


 If you find your mind troubled by a lot of different thoughts when you lay your head on the pillow for some sleep, you are not the first one. Most of us simply remain lying in bed, hoping the train of thoughts shall eventually pass by. 

Quite surprisingly, these thoughts that race in our minds can be frustrating and scary at the same time. It can be almost anything you didn't have time enough for in the day for.

As a solution, it is advised that you should sit up  in bed at once. Changing your body posture to something more defensive rather than a lying down position is going to give you a lot of confidence in tackling the situation.

Sitting up is going to bring back the abilities to sort out the issues at hand. Most of the thoughts racing through the mind appear to be irrational and illogical when sorted out properly.

Reading a book or a magazine while in bed is a great idea. This is a great way to clean the mind of all random thoughts while the body does its best to sleep. 

This is going to be  a great way to end the day. It works at all times, whenever you want some sleep regardless of the time of the night. Reading is sure to keep all frustrating thoughts at bay.

You can try counting sheep while you try to sleep. It is quite effective. It is going to keep your mind busy in  counting, it will be away from the thoughts that keep you away from sleeping. 

A much better way to keep the mind distracted in counting is to count backward from 1,000. Remember to do it all over again if you falter or miss a number.

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