Sunday, August 22, 2021


 One of the most horrible aspects of a cough is that it is accompanied by a congestion in the throat. The point is that a lot of mucus and phlegm accumulate in the throat while you cough, and this can be quite irritating at times because this is what leads to coughs getting all the more severe and they do cause some amount of discomfort to the individual too.

Nature has all sorts of recipes for those looking for natural treatments. You can always choose to tap into the soothing properties of ginger. A sore throat can be effectively dealt with using slices of fresh ginger and some water. Prepare a mixture in a bowl, and let the aromas enter your nostrils and your throat through your nose and mouth. You are sure to get instant relief from your coughs.

Alternatively, you can use some chopped ginger and mix it well with some pepper mint and four cups of water. Bring the mixture to a boil and let it cool. Strain all liquid from the mixture of ginger and peppermint after some time. Let the mixture cool down before mixing some honey to it. Consume a tablespoon of the mixture at frequent intervals. Your cough should go away in no time. The mixture can be preserved in a refrigerator for about three weeks, and used as and when required.

The recipe is  a boon for those afflicted by asthma as well. The mixture of ginger and black pepper is a natural soothing agent that pulls down all kinds of inflammation too. Besides this, it also serves to increase the rate at which oxygen flows through the lungs. This way, it serves to relax the blood vessels lining the lungs.

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