Sunday, August 22, 2021

How to Lose Menopause Weight Gain ?

 Middle aged women might often remain hassled with weight problems. A lot of this has to do with menopause weight gain. Whereas genetic factors can be blamed in certain cases, hormonal changes are also considered to be responsible. Also, menopause has its own side effects, one of which is extreme lethargy. Therefore, menopausal women tend to exercise less, thus contributing more to weight gain. Therefore, menopause weight gain could actually be a cumulative effect of various related or unrelated factors.


Managing Menopause Weight Gain

If you are wondering how to lose menopause weight gain, it may be all about bringing in permanent changes in your lifestyle and adhering to healthy practices such as:

  • Switch to a more active lifestyle. The best is to indulge in regular aerobic activity and some strength training activities. Strength training helps you to gain muscle mass which in turn helps in burning more calories.

  • Maintaining current body weight which though might seem like a challenge when you enter menopause is still achievable. You might even have to eat less for keeping away those extra pounds. For example, when in your 50s, you might require to eat around 200 calories lesser than required for women in their 30s. However, eating less does not mean cutting down on nutrients.

  • Watch your diet and keep it healthy at the same time. Stick to more fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Lean proteins should be chosen over fatty ones. Skipping meals altogether is also a bad idea. All you need to do is stay away from oily, sugary, fatty and refined foods. Menopause is also the time for emotional upheavals. Therefore, refrain from eating to ward off depression.

  • When you seek ways to understand how to lose

    menopause weight gain, consider garnering as much support as possible. Better still, you could consider going on a diet and exercising in groups instead of fighting it out alone. Group activities are ideal for keeping the motivation going in your favor.

Menopause weight gain can cause several health complications. Some of the common complications would include raised cholesterol levels, hypertension and type 2 diabetes which are directly associated with weight gain. These could lead to cardiovascular complications as well. Weight gain at this age can also cause other graver consequences such as colorectal and breast cancer.  Consider making positive changes in your lifestyle and stick to them for a lasting impact.

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