Monday, August 23, 2021

Benefits of Weight Loss in Women

 Even losing a few kilos will do you a great benefit, if you are planning to lose weight then keep these benefits in your mind to be motivated. Start slow and small but you will be benefited tremendously.

  • A healthy heart: Being overweight can put your heart under a lot of pressure as it has to work harder and pump more blood making it prone to various problems. When you lose weight not only do you do your heart a favor but also help decrease high blood pressure which is a starting point in various heart ailments.

  • Increasing levels of good cholesterol: Knocking off some extra kilos and maintaining a regular exercise regimen will help boost good cholesterol or HDL. Reducing risk of diabetes: Losing even a little weight will help your body regulate blood glucose levels and reduce any risk of developing diabetes.

  • Reduce risk of cancer: Losing weight will also help you reduce risk of developing cancer. Overweight men are found to ha

    ve prostate cancer while overweight women tend to suffer from ovarian and cervical cancer.

  • Reduce risk of osteoporosis: Think about the pressure that is exerted on the bones and joints of an overweight body. When you lose some weight you help in easing off the pressure making them stronger and less likely to be inflicted with osteoarthritis.

  • A quality life: Losing excess weight will help you live longer and have a better quality of life. Excess fat is an invitation to various diseases and also an instability factor during old age. People who are elderly and overweight have problems with mobility.

  • Better sex life: Weight loss will help in spicing up your sex life. Losing even a few kilos will help men have normal erections and maintaining it while women are more likely to be interested in sex due to improved body image.

  • Better reproductive health: Both overweight men and women tend to have fertility related issues. 

  • Will rev up your energy levels: Weight loss will help you feel active and more in control. Overweight people are seen to be more sluggish due to the extra weight which can make moving around tiring.

  • Boosting your self-image: Overweight individuals tend to suffer from low self-worth and self-consciousness. Losing even a few kilos will help a great deal to boost self-image and act as a motivational point to reach an ideal weight.

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