Sunday, August 22, 2021

Humidity-Fighting Hairstyles

 Monsoon. That sticky, smelly, hot season in which the only respite is in air conditioned rooms from which to watch the rain fall, is a season in which it's really hard to do something with your hair. For those of us who have no choice but to brave the weather every morning and evening, doing up your hair can be a very difficult task. What do you do? Looking good versus fighting humidity is a bad trade-off. So, we found some solutions.

Hair Bands: Bangs, while oh-so-pretty, can stick to your forehead and become a real pain the you-know-what. So, it is time to make friends with the hair band. It keeps your hair back, gives you a ‘finished’ look, and it’s all the rage in the fashion world. And if you like to get creative, match your band to your favorite accessory of the day, or embellish it with those pretty little clips, or use an old scarf as a band for that chic retro look.

Ponytails: We know. Tying your hair up is not exactly the most glamorous thing you can do to it. But with a bit of styling, the old fashioned ponytail can become a practical, humidity-defying style for the monsoon. The higher the ponytail, the more the air that can get to the back of your neck. And if you’re not blessed with the perfect kind of hair that falls elegantly in a ponytail, bring out some of that styling serum to keep it in place, and use a hairspray to ensure that not a strand strays from its place.

Buns: Apart from being perfectly functional, they look pretty good too. Try a careless half bun, if you have long enough hair for some of it to flow down for a street-chic look. Or tie a low, knotty chignon for a slick professional look. The mainstay of mommies from time immemorial, the bun is also a cool humidity-beating hairstyle for the

new age woman.

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